Scott Duff

Drums, UK

Scott Hugh Duff is a drummer and multi-instrumentalist based in Leeds and Glasgow, UK. 

Scott, aged 22, has over a decade of experience on the drums, listening to jazz and soul records from an early age his style is deeply inspired by musicians like Jaki Liebezeit, Earl Palmer, Tony Williams and Keith Moon. 

Scott can play trumpet, guitar, bass, piano and percussion but in 2012 he decided to enrol at Leeds College of Music to study jazz performance at conservatoire level for drums. This has been an immensely productive move which has led to the development of his technical capabilities and his understanding of music and rhythm as an art form. 

He has performed all over the UK and Europe gaining praise from notable musicians such as: Charles Macpherson, Stephen Keogh, Tina May and Jean Toussaint - the latter nicknaming him "braveheart".  Scott has won scholarships with the Global Music Foundation which has provided him with invaluable experience behind the drums.  

Scott Duff