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Luciano Vida

Tai Chi Chuan, Italy/Spain

Luciano Vida, born in Italy, 1974. He has practised martial arts since 1991, training in Wado-Ryu Karate and obtaining the black belt 2nd Dan after 8 years. In 1997 he travelled to China where he started practising Taichichuan. He met Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, one of the most famous Chen Style Tai chi Masters in the world, and studied with him for 10 years. During this period he also studied with Master Jan Silberstorff and Master Chen Bing, both disciples of Grand Master Chen Xiaowang. During this period he travelled back and forth to China for intensive training under the aforementioned masters.

Three years ago he met Master Gianfranco Pace, who opened to him a new way of understanding Taichichuan. Master Pace revealed some of the mysterious paths of the Taichichuan labyrinth, and eventually led him to a deeper understanding of the relationship between the different aspects of Taichichuan as a complete training method encompassing, relaxation, control and balancing of energy (mind/heart and body), a dynamic Kung Fu style, and a highly efficient Self Defence system. Luciano is fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, and has competent French and Chinese.

Luciano Vida