Heiner Franz

Guitar, Germany

Born in Tubingen, Germany in 1946, Heiner Franz became interested in music at an early age. During his childhood he studied piano and flute and later, at the age of fourteen, turned his attention to the guitar, playing regularly with local Dixieland groups.

After high school Heiner studied theology at university and thereafter spent six years as a Protestant pastor. Throughout this period his interest in jazz grew. Touring the jazz clubs of South and Southwest Germany, neighbouring France, Luxembourg and Switzerland resulted in a stylistic development in the direction of Mainstream and Bebop. Leaving church service in 1979 Heiner devoted himself entirely to music.

Reputed as one of Germany;s leading mainstream jazz guitarists, Heiner and has worked with such musicians as Doug Raney and Peter Leitch. He now lives in Saarbruecken working as a freelance guitarist, composer and guitar maker as well as running his own record label Jardis.

Heiner Franz