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Raising the standard of your team’s or organisation’s performance, whatever the activity - business, sport, the arts - requires higher levels of team work and inspired leadership. Enhanced concentration, attention, awareness and listening skills are all invaluable tools in this endeavour. Nemo offers a combination of training activities to discover, develop and fine tune these capabilities.

Why Nemo

In any activity - be it individual or in a group - there arise moments when things flow in an effortless and perfectly coordinated way. Whether it is in music, sports, business or some other collective endeavour, the experience is unmistakeable: the individual vanishes, completely absorbed in the task or activity at hand; the group comes together as one.

This state has been described variously as being ‘on the ball’, ‘in the zone’ or ‘in the groove’. The quality of performance – whether in a music ensemble, sports team or work project – attains levels not previously thought possible and it is in these moments when true improvisation takes place.

Nemo Workshops

Every GMF NEMO workshop features outstanding musicians who are also great communicators.

At the workshops we present a unique programme of events: the various activities together will stimulate creativity and improve concentration, attention, and self-awareness.

Through the carefully crafted training methods, participants can experience directly the effects of heightened concentration, attention and awareness, leading to enhanced mental and physical efficiency. This higher degree of sensitivity is the gateway to the creative state, where innovative ideas and solutions arise spontaneously as a response to whatever conditions present themselves at any given moment. This is vital for creating a healthy work environment in which teams and organizations can flourish in today’s constantly changing, turbulent world.

Alexander Technique

Many performing artists find the Technique an invaluable way of fine-tuning their posture and movement. These introductory classes concentrate on the relationship of the head and neck to the rest of the body, training an awareness of good posture. The physical and mental practices help promote a sense of rediscovery and ease in day-to-day activities. This leads to an overall improvement in general health, concentration and a feeling of well being.

Benefits include fewer accidents at home and in the workplace, better general state of health, fewer repetitive strain injuries, improved self confidence.

Participants will be experimenting with:
sitting, standing, lying and walking
working in pairs to inhibit habitual reaction to stimulus 
stopping the cycle of bad habits
working in different scenarios such as public speaking presentation and behind the desk 
managing performance related stress 
working with breathing 
applying good habits of physical behaviour in performance 
identifying tension and how to deal with it 
being aware of matters relating to good health and physical fitness

Pulse Training

Pulse lies at the heart of music, and developing one’s sense of pulse is the goal of these sessions. The work fosters awareness – of the pulse, of silence, of the other members of the group. This workshop is hugely beneficial not only to musicians but particpants of every kind. Concentration, and attention to fine detail are greatly improved. Sensitivity is increased and a higher state of awareness is established.


A chance to play the genuine percussion instruments that make up the Bateria (percussion section of a Samba group), and learn some of the rhythms and songs from different areas of Brazil. Learning Samba greatly increases ones understanding of rhythm and improves mind body coordination. We will learn and practice call and response, hand signals, singing - playing - moving all at once, and more. On the final day of the Jazz Workshop we'll put it all together for public performance during which we will bring the joy and the spirit of carnival to Saarwellingen

Vocal and Body 

The workshop explores the use of energy and the voice, and fine tuning body and mind coordination within a musical context. Using song material from all around the world we work at enhancing the quality of our listening skills and the sounds we produce.

Ear Training 

Ear Training is a process of developing the skills to recognize melody, rhythm and harmony. For all musicians, the inner ear is the most important instrument. To be able to hear a melody with your mind's ear and imagine how it sounds with a certain chord, to be able to apply different rhythmic and metric patterns to melody and bass lines, to hear musical form and harmonic progressions - these are essential aspects of a a musician's life as a composer or performer. 

In ear training, we work on developing the connection between the inner ear and the instrument, between sound and how it is notated, between notation and how it sounds. The voice is an expression of the inner musical spirit and singing is the most direct way to hear and play better, and to interact more creatively with other musicians. When teaching ear training, musicians are encouraged to develop confidence in their ears, to decipher the sound of music and to use that confidence to be a better musician... or simply to be a better listener.

Taji and Qigong  for Musicians 

Qi Gong is an a introspective work based on the consciousness of oneself using simple, though not necessarily easy, exercises. The person listens to his body connecting physically with the earth and the sky and finding his place between them as part of nature. This kind of work allows one to connect all different parts of the body in one and feel new sensations of fullness. it is a basic step of awareness and has been described by many as quite beautiful

The Form is used to make the body strong in various ways; through understanding the principles of relaxation and connection, spiral movement, expansion/contraction, movement on one point, exertion of force, and much more...

Push Hands is a group of many different exercises, which are practised in pairs, to develop sensitivity through the understanding of direction and intensity of force. These exercises to develop the correct sensitivity to the point where both oneself and opponent force are one.

This type of training, when applied to a musician's relationship to his/her instrument, can bring tremendous physical and mental an ease, composure and comand to the act of performance.

Session with full Jazz Group

As each visiting team will always be a full jazz group, a workshop session using a full jazz group is also available. During this session participants together with the team will look into listening skills, improvisation, naturally changing leadership, how to be creative within form and structure, organic dialogue and responding to uncertainty.

Question and Answer

After each session there will be an open discussion.

Whole Group Performance

The last session will culminate with a performance by all the participants, working together with the jazz group/team leaders, on a piece put together on the day.


We are also able to offer a concert by the Team for the participants part of each event and/or to the general public in your area.


Whether you want a morning, a whole day, or a residential weekend we can tailor a package to meet your needs.

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