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Tuscany Jazz Vocal Summer School
Certaldo, Italy, 12–17 August 2007

The Tuscan International Jazz Vocal Summer School is running alongside the Rhythms of the World Series - Samba Course. As the percussionists train and learn the various different calls and rhythms, singers on the vocal course will learn some of the traditional songs as performed at the carnivals of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo. On the last day of the course there will be an open air public performance during which we will bring the joy and the spirit of carnival to Certaldo. Every night at the jam sessions there will be opportunities to play Samba Cançao in a small group setting.

The programme includes some open forum question and answer sessions where students can quiz Tina, Iain, Peter, Nikki about any area of jazz performance that they are interested in.

Experienced students will be encouraged to attempt more challenging repertoire (ie. Lush Life, Sophisticated Lady, Chelsea Bridge, Charlie Parker compositions), close harmony work( ie Take Six arrangements) and advanced scatting over be-bop changes.

Throughout the course there will be a series of masterclasses on a range of themes important to every singer - breathing technique, repertoire, improvisation and working with a rhythm section. As you will be working with a professional rhythm section in performance you will have invaluable experience with 'counting in, choosing tempos and 'feel'.

10am - 11.30: vocal warm up and Jazz Choir ( ear training - harmony singing) tutors take in turn to lead this session


12.00-13.30: Tutor groups which rotate daily covering
'repertoire' or 'song class'
'impro scat', rhythms
strengthening vocal technique and 'finding' your voice,
phrasing and expression
interraction with rhythm section.etc.

13.30-15.30: Lunch

15.30-17.00: Sessions with rhythm section and tutors - experimenting with everything thats been looked at during the morning sessions.There will be 2 formal concerts during the week which feature the team.

Jams session each night - a unique opportunity to perform in public with a top rhythm section.

On the last day there will be a of all the particpants open to the public.

Also specialised classes on samba rhythms etc. interpretation, be-bop phrasing, brazilian song/south americansong

Special Activities

Every GMF workshop features outstanding musicians who are also great communicators. Under their guidance, participants gain valuable insights and playing experience, rehearsing together towards a concert. There are classes in the various musical disciplines such as instrumental technique, harmony, ensemble playing and improvisation, and, as well as teaching individually and in groups, the tutors give performances themselves.

In addition, a unique sequence of activities is offered at a GMF workshop, which together stimulate self-awareness and creativity.

Alexander Technique - by Val Keogh

Many performing artists find the Technique an invaluable way of fine-tuning their posture and movement. These introductory classes concentrate on the relationship of the head and neck to the rest of the body. The physical and mental exercises help promote a sense of rediscovery and ease in day-to-day activities, and especially in music-making.

There will be session each morning of Alexander Technique. These sessions are included in the price of the course.

Val will also be available to teach private classes to anyone who wishes during the week. There will be a charge of 30 Euros per private lesson. Private lessons should be arranged with Val and the fee is payable directly to him.

Pulse Training - by Stephen Keogh

Pulse lies at the heart of music, and developing one's own inner pulse is the goal of these sessions. The work fosters awareness – of the pulse, of silence, of the other members of the group. This workshop is hugely beneficial to musicians of every kind.

There will be several Pulse Training sessions during the week. Times to be arranged.

Disclaimer: Global Music Foundation exists solely to promote understanding of music and the arts. Any personal views which may be expressed by individual tutors or students at GMF events do not necessarily represent those of the Global Music Foundation or its directors.