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Tuscany International Vocal Summer School with Pete Churchill
Certaldo, Firenze, Italy, 26–30 August 2013

A strong component of this course will be the work done as a vocal group. In the course choir students will be working on a wide range of repertoire, including Gospel, South African, Brazilian and Folk music. In addition there will be an opportunity to sing some unique choral arrangements of music by Kenny Wheeler, Ralph Towner and James Taylor.

This course is ideal for those singers who are serious about improving their skills. Sight-reading is certainly not a pre-requisite (much of the choir music will be taught by ear) and likewise, an understanding of music theory, whilst useful, is not a requirement for coming on the course. It is more important to come with an open mind, a love of jazz and a desire to improve.

Led by Pete Churchill, each day we will feature a different genre of choral music - some taught by ear and some from notation and the focus will be on the appropriate learning process for the music in question. For some this session will also serve as a master-class in vocal arranging.Group singing is an important part of the day. Learning to blend as an ensemble raises important issues of time and feel not to mention aspects of intonation and diction. It is hoped that as well as serving to foster a feeling of community amongst the participants each singer can also take what they learn from this session and apply it to their individual song performances.

Pete was an absolute hit here... Interestingly, (he) is the only person that I have ever seen/heard teach jazz in a way that has intellectual as well as musical integrity ... this is what is so appealing to us here!!!!

James Cuskelly (Director of Aural Studies) UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA


The finale was amazing! Very grateful! ...haven't a clue how to better that next year!

Kate Laurence (Head of Music) ST MARYLEBONE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS - London



Tuscany International Vocal Summer School with Pete Churchill

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