Tuscany International Tai Chi Meeting
Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy, 28–31 August 2019

Luciano Vida - Tai Chi Master and Director of ITKA SPAIN

Luciano will be teaching Chi Kung, Tui Shou, Tai Chi, Tui Shou, and concepts from TSD System (Tai Chi Self Defence) for participants already training in Tai Chi or other Martial Arts

In adition to the this course each day between 0845 - 0945 Luciano will teach both Martial Arts students and student on the music course the following:

Taji and Qigong  for Musicians - Luciano Vida 

Qi Gong is an a introspective work based on the consciousness of oneself using simple, though not necessarily easy, exercises. The person listens to his body connecting physically with the earth and the sky and finding his place between them as part of nature. This kind of work allows one to connect all different parts of the body in one and feel new sensations of fullness. it is a basic step of awareness and has been described by many as quite beautiful

The Form is used to make the body strong in various ways; through understanding the principles of relaxation and connection, spiral movement, expansion/contraction, movement on one point, exertion of force, and much more...

Push Hands is a group of many different exercises, which are practised in pairs, to develop sensitivity through the understanding of direction and intensity of force. These exercises to develop the correct sensitivity to the point where both oneself and opponent force are one.

This type of training, when applied to a musician's relationship to his/her instrument, can bring tremendous physical and mental an ease, composure and comand to the act of performance.


Tuscany International Tai Chi MeetingTuscany International Tai Chi MeetingTuscany International Tai Chi MeetingTuscany International Tai Chi Meeting

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