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Tuscany International Jazz Summer School
Certaldo, Italy, 11–19 August 2008

Pete Churchill, UK Vocals
Tina May, UK Vocals
Guillermo Rozenthuler, Argentina Vocals
Nikki Iles, UK Piano
Scott Hamilton, USA/Italy Saxophones
Julian Arg├╝elles, UK Saxophones
Gilad Atzmon, Palestine/UK Saxophones and clarinet
Kevin Dean, Canada Trumpet
Edward Simon, USA Piano
Frank Harrison, UK Piano
Greg Burk, UK Piano
Garrison Fewell, USA/Italy Guitar
Sandro Gibellini, Italy Guitar
Arnie Somogyi, UK Bass
Aldo Zunino, Italy Bass
Duncan Hopkins, Canada Bass
Stephen Keogh, Ireland/Spain Drums
Alfred Kramer, Italy Drums
Felix Gibbons, UK Percussion
Val Keogh, Germany Alexander Technique

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