Tuscany Jazz and Blues Guitar Workshop with Garrison Fewell
Certaldo, Italy, 13–16 June 2012

Garrison Fewell has taught thousands of guitarists since the 1970s at Berklee College of Music and around the world. He has played on dozens of recordings, both as a leader and with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Slide Hampton, Tal Farlow, Benny Golson, and many others. Come to learn and play with a veteran performer and educator.

  • Broaden your melodic palette using triads, melodic extensions, guide tones, and altered notes.
  • Expand your agility on the fretboard, throughout the range of the guitar
  • Add articulation to your phrases by playing solo excerpts in the styles of the masters of jazz guitar
  • Learn to hear and use guide tones to connect your melodic lines while playing over chord changes
  • Learn the rhythmic skills essential to jazz phrasing
  • Learn simple techniques for building chord voicings for comping





Tuscany Jazz and Blues Guitar Workshop with Garrison Fewell

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