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Tai Chi and Jazz
Barcelona, 05–08 August 2018

A fantastic opportunity for people with an interest in the arts. Learn to train with a one of the leading instructors of Tai Chi today and be part of the San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival and GMF Barcelona '18 Jazz Week

Luciano Vida - Tai Chi Master and Director of ITKA SPAIN

Luciano will be teaching Chi Kung, Tui Shou, Tai Chi, Tui Shou, and concepts from TSD System (Tai Chi Self Defence) for participants already training in Tai Chi or other Martial Arts

If you sign up to this course you are also entitled to the following amazing offer:

- Free entry to all concerts and jam sessions at Jamboree Jazz Club GMF Barcelona '18 week (1 - 7 August) 

- Free entry to a Flamenco Show at Tarantos Tablao Famenco in the San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival during GMF Barcelona '18 week (1 - 7 August) 

- Free entry to Jamboree Night Club from 01.30 - 05.30 (1 - 7 August) 

This is a unique experience not to be missed!


Tai Chi and Jazz

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