One-day Intensive Jazz,World and Contemporary Music Course
Galway, Ireland, 01 March 2005

Principal Aims of the course

* To provide high quality, inspiring tuition for keen instrumental players.
* To create an environment where musicians from all backgrounds can share ideas and learn from each other.
* To foster excellence in instrumental playing of all styles, with particular emphasis on the musicianly qualities of time, touch, tone and ensemble.

What does the course provide?

A 1 day intensive course to develop knowledge and skill in all aspects of jazz and contemporary music making.
Three separate group workshops focusing on:
1. Inner Pulse - sound and time.
2. World Music Ear Training - a body integrative approach to building musicianship skills.
3. Ensemble playing and Combos.
A forum for musicians to share ideas and work together.

Disclaimer: Global Music Foundation exists solely to promote understanding of music and the arts. Any personal views which may be expressed by individual tutors or students at GMF events do not necessarily represent those of the Global Music Foundation or its directors.