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International Vocal Workshop Italy, by Guillermo Rozenthuler
Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy, 14–17 September 2012

This course is for:

Amateurs and professionals from diverse disciplines: teachers, singers, actors, group leaders, therapists, and singing students- who want to acquire confidence in their own voices, develop stage presence, expressivity, creativity…

 …and for anyone who wants to experience the joy of singing together, use the voice and music as vehicles for self-development and expansion of consciousness, and explore their musical potential.

Participants of circle song events report experiencing deep involvement and connection with each other and with the music they are making, awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ and increased well-being as a result of the rhythmic entrainment and endorphine release

Feedback also reports enhanced creativity, an improvement of musical understanding, quality of listening, rhythm and connection with one’s own voice.

 And also a refined sensitivity, curiosity for different musical forms and capacity for surprise!

 Every time I teach a circle song session I’m reminded of the huge power of singing to awaken togetherness, feelings and creativity, and I rekindle my deep love for the human voice and its mysteries. Guillermo Rozenthuler


International Vocal Workshop Italy, by Guillermo Rozenthuler

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