International Vocal Workshop Italy, by Guillermo Rozenthuler
Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy, 14–17 September 2012

An exciting programme of dynamic vocal workshops including group songs, breath-work, vocal exercises, improvisation and games, and led by inspiring facilitator and performer who  has the ability to bring people together in song and achieve much more than they believe they can.

Guillermo Rozenthuler is a singer and educator from Argentina resident in the UK since 2000. He's been encouraging amateurs and professionals to free their voices and have fun singing together for over 20 years. He believes in the link between singing and wellbeing.

The inspiration for this particular course came after a meeting Bobby McFerrin and his team in September 2012.

Circlesong is a form of group singing that connects with ancestral ways of music making.

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been singing together to bond, mark events, mourn, gather courage, endure hard work or simply to celebrate.

These singing gatherings allowed everyone to take part, creating musical 'landscapes' where the less skilled or confident could contribute and hold the space while the most daring or musically aware could be creative and inspiring to others.

Although these forms of expression have been practiced for thousands of years in different cultures, they have only recently been named 'circlesongs", and brought to the attention of the Western musical world by the renowned jazz vocalist, improviser and educator Bobby McFerrin, who has been developing numerous projects and workshops connected with vocal improvisation in recent years.

International Vocal Workshop Italy, by Guillermo Rozenthuler

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