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International Jazz Workshop
Saarwellingen, Germany, 04–09 August 2010

Price Options 1, 2 and 4 include:

  • Fee for the course
  • Accommodation as described below for 6 nights on the dates August 9 - 14 inclusive
  • Entry into all workshops, concerts, jam sessions, special activities, and any exhibitions that may be running
  • Lunch & Dinner will be provided on days 10-14 August

Option 1 - Students - Self catering apartments

  • Option 1a: Accommodation in a shared apartment for a single person - 600 euros
  • Option 1b: Accommodation per person sharing a room, with lunch included - 550 euros

Option 2 - Students - Hotel (3-Star) ***

All prices are per person. Breakfast included.

  • Option 2a: Single room 650 euros
  • Option 2b: Double-room 850 euros

Option 3 - Student - Course only

  • No accommodation or meals - 300 Euros

Option 4 - Visitor

Attend concerts for free
* All prices are per person

Self Catering Apartments (3-star) ***

  • Option 4a: Accommodation in a shared apartment for a single person - 300 euros
  • Option 4b: Accommodation per person sharing a room - 250 euros

Hotel (3-star) ***

  • Option 4c: Breakfast is included - 400 euros
International Jazz WorkshopInternational Jazz Workshop

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