International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013
Saarwellingen, Germany, 09–14 August 2013

Jean Toussaint, USA Saxophones
Bruce Barth, USA Piano
Mark Hodgson, UK Bass
Stephen Keogh, IRL Drums and Pulse Training
Tina May, UK Voice
Gilad Atzmon, UK Saxophones
Thilo Wagner, Germany Piano
Libor Smoldas, Czech Rep Guitar and Ear Training
Eddie Hick, UK Drums
Guillermo Rozenthuler, Argentina/UK Voice, Breathing and Bodywork
Claus Kirsh, Germany Piano
Jeremy Brown, UK Bass
Francesco Petreni, Italy Percussion - Samba for All
Kevin Dean, Canada Trumpet
Luciano Vida, Italy Qigong, Taiji, Martial Arts



International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013

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