International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013
Saarwellingen, Germany, 09–14 August 2013

The course is open to all keen musicians aged 17+. There is no upper age limit.

The course is not aimed at complete beginners. You will benefit most if you already have some experience playing with other musicians - the type of group or ensemble doesn't matter.

Who Should Apply

IMPORTANT: The Summer School, and all of our courses, are designed for singers and instrumentalists eager to expand their musicianship, technique and ensemble skills under the guidance of expert teachers. If you are looking to develop and improve as a musician, enjoy being challenged and exploring new concepts, and are prepared to contribute wholeheartedly, this course is definitely for you. Join us for a great musical adventure. As with the other courses and events that we run we have a lot of fun and make new friends, but it is nevertheless hard work so don't expect a holiday! If this all sounds too "serious" and you are hoping for a gentle vacation playing a few standards with like-minded people, please think twice before applying.

International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013

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