International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013
Saarwellingen, Germany, 09–14 August 2013

Jazz and world music have rediscovered for our culture what is in fact at the heart of all music making: expressing and communicating our own humanity in terms of music, developing and exchanging creativity with others.

This event is a 6 day study and experience course. It is open to musicians of all ages who would like to acquire, develop and improve their musicianship, improvisation skills and learn about other art forms.

The course provides first-class tuition and many opportunities to listen and perform. And, in keeping with GMF’s philosophy, the course takes a broad view of music-making; the instrumental, vocal, rhythmic and physical disciplines together lead the participant towards new levels of understanding, concentration and awareness. 

Here is a short video about this course. Please click: International Jazz Workshop Europe

International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013

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