International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013
Saarwellingen, Germany, 09–14 August 2013

Evening concerts at the end of each day are followed by nightly jam sessions which provide opportunities to listen and play with others. The week culminates with a final public concert in which students and teachers participate.

Featured artist:

Kevin Dean 

The Montreal trumpet legend is a superior hard bop player/composer with an appealing sound and a melodic and swinging style. For this concert he leads an exciting lineup of world class musicians playing a programme of originals compositions and music by other great Canadian jazz artists in what promises to be a night of spectacularly high quality music.


Opening of International Jazz Workshop Europe, Saarwellingen, Germany

Global Music Foundation All Stars in Concert

Guillermo  Rozenthuler, Francesco Petreni,  Libor Smoldas, Jeremy Brown

Jean Toussaint, Kevin Dean,  Mark Hodgson, Bruce Barth, Stephen Keogh,

Thilo Wagner, Jeremy Brown, Francesco Petreni

11 AUG         

1. Guillermo Rozenthuler/Francesco Petreni “Brazil mi Amor”

Guillermo Rozenthuer – vocals, Francesco Petreni - percussion                                

2. Kevin Dean & Jean Toussaint “Remember the Messengers”

Kevin Dean – trumpet, Jean Toussaint – sax, Bruce Barth – piano,

Jeremy Brown –  bass, Stephen Keogh - drums

12 AUG          

Libor Smoldas “Guitar Magic”

Libor Smoldas – guitar, Bruce Barth – piano,

Mark Hodgson - bass S Keogh - drums                         

Gilad Atzmon’s Metrobop

 Gilad Atzmon – sax, Thilo Wagner – piano,

Mark Hodgson – bass, Eddie Hick - drums

13 AUG          

Thilo Wagner “Piano Wizardy” 

Thilo Wagner – piano, Jeremy Brown – bass, Eddie Hick - drums                                                         

Tina May “Jazz Diva” + Musica Paradiso                                          

Tina May – voice, Bruce Barth – piano,

Mark Hodgson – bass, Stephen Keogh - drums    

Music Paradiso guests: G Rozenthuler – vocals, J Brown – bass,

F Petreni - percussion 

International Jazz Workshop Europe 2013

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