International Festival of Music and the Arts
Dunmore East, Ireland, 17–23 June 2010

Important Notice

Due to the volcanic ash cloud, its ongoing eruption, the complete unpredictability of the situation and the continuing uncertainties surrounding international air travel, it is with great regret that we see no alternative other than to suspend the Global Music Foundation International Festival of Music and the Arts Dunmore East, Ireland 17 - 23 June 2010. These unprecedented events have created a situation where it's impossible to be able to guarantee a quality experience for students as we cannot know whether the team of tutors and performers will be able to get to Ireland. We are offering all students that have signed up to the course a full refund, or a chance to rebook on a future GMF course.

The spectacular setting, the team of outstanding performers and teachers and the varied schedule of activity all add up to an unforgettable experience for everyone who takes part.

  • Courses: Music (instrumental and vocal), Poetry, Dance, Martial Arts
  • An exceptional roster of artists/teachers from around the world.
  • A rich programme of concerts by world class performers including music, dance and exhibitions.
  • Intensive study, equivalent to a whole term at a music conservatory - some 6 hours tuition per day, including supervised rehearsals, instrumental classes and one-to-one lessons.
  • A wealth of opportunities to sing and play: two student concerts, nightly jam sessions and other spontaneous events.
  • Free admission for course students, to all events and concerts given by members of the faculty and guest artists.
  • A stimulating programme of activities to develop skills and awareness: Pulse Training, Concentration Techniques, Conducting, Vocal and Body, Movement, Jazz Choir, Samba and Martial Arts.
  • A wonderful, atmospheric small-town setting with friendly, convivial people.

The Summer School is open to vocalists, instrumentalists, martial artists and visual artists and both students and professionals are welcome to attend. It offers first class coaching by a team of leading international artists renowned for their teaching skills.

Every GMF workshop features outstanding musicians who are also great communicators. Under their guidance, participants gain valuable insights and playing experience, rehearsing together towards a concert. There are classes in the various musical disciplines such as instrumental technique, harmony, ensemble playing and improvisation, and, as well as teaching individually and in groups, the tutors give performances themselves.

All students on all courses will have an opportunity to attend morning classes from the other courses - ie if you are a dance student you will be able to do the morning workshops on pulse, choir, martial arts samba etc.

From midday students will work with their tutors on their chosen course.

This provides opportunities for everyone to sample a variety of disciplines and experience directly the inter-connectedness of all the arts.

Music - Dance - Visual Arts - Martial Arts

Mind - Body - Eye - Ear - Spirit

International Festival of Music and the ArtsInternational Festival of Music and the ArtsInternational Festival of Music and the Arts

Disclaimer: Global Music Foundation exists solely to promote understanding of music and the arts. Any personal views which may be expressed by individual tutors or students at GMF events do not necessarily represent those of the Global Music Foundation or its directors.