International Festival of Music and the Arts
Dunmore East, Ireland, 17–23 June 2010

About Dunmore East

Ireland's most picturesque fishing and holiday village in the south-east, 16 kilometres from Waterford City on the A684 and only 75 minutes driving from the Gateway Ferryport at Rosslare. Dunmore East is a village rich in history and an area of beauty and tranquillity.

Nearby at the entrance of (Waterford) Harbour is the village of Dunmore, formally a place of resort for fishermen, but now a delightful and fashionable watering place. The village is situated in a valley, with a gentle slope towards the sea; the houses are built irregularly, without regard to site or uniformity of appearance, except that they all look at the same point - the Hook Lighthouse, on the opposite coast. Most of the cottages are built of clay and are thatched with straw, and generally let during the summer season from one to three guineas a week. On the hill, which forms the background of the picture, are the ruins of a church.

Nearly two hundred years later the thatched cottages are still there, though the rents have increased somewhat! The ruined church refers to the old church of Killea (Cill Aodha - Aodh's Church) thought to have been built in the twelfth century, one wall of which still stands, opposite the Catholic church of The Holy Cross, at the top of Killea hill.

In 1814, however, dramatic changes took place when Alexander Nimmo, the Scottish engineer (builder of Limerick's Sarsfield Bridge) commenced work on the new Harbour at Dunmore to accommodate the packet station for ships, which carried the Royal Mail between England and Ireland. The work consisted mainly of a massive pier or quay with an elegant lighthouse at the end.

Getting There

By air - Waterford Airport is located just outside Waterford City in the South East of Ireland.. It is very convienient for visitors to Dunmore East. - Book your flight to Ireland on this website. - If you are flying from the UK or continental Europe, Ryanair offer a competitively priced service from a variety of airport. - Daily flights available from Luton Airport in the UK direct to Waterford Airport.

By train - You can find all Irish train and bus time-tables on this site.

By sea - If you are travelling from England you can sail from England to Rosslare with Stena Line.

Additional links - Bus timetable for the Suirway service between Waterford and Dunmore East. - The official website of South East Ireland Tourism. Lots of practical advice and information. - A site designed, written and maintained by Irish people for visitors and those interested in Ireland.

International Festival of Music and the ArtsInternational Festival of Music and the ArtsInternational Festival of Music and the Arts

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