GMF Tuscany ‘20 Jazz Summit Jerry Bergonzi and the Bruce Barth Trio
Certaldo, Italy, 07–11 April 2020

Getting close to a Master

Jerry Bergonzi is one of the greatest tenor saxophonists in the history of Jazz. This is a rare opportunity to learn from, and be along side of, a true jazz legend in one of the most beautiful towns you are ever likely to come across, on top of a mountain in Tuscany, Italy.

Jerry, Bruce and the band will share their combined vast musical experience in a relaxed, informal but serious way, leading these instrumental sessions, with the instruments at hand.  A wealth of musical insight and information is imparted along with anecdotes from their lives life as touring musicians at the height of their careers. 

Afternoon Sessions

involving playing and discussion lead by questions from the students and hosted by Jerry, Bruce, Mark and Stephen.
The sessions may alternate between master-class scenario, discussion and playing together.
In these sessions course participants should have their instruments at hand in case they are invited to play.

Timetable (provisional)

April 7

Arrive and register

21.00 welcome concert

23.00 jam session

April 8 - 10

09.00 tai chi chuan                                                                        

10.30 pulse / rhythm work

11.45 instrumental technique session

13.00 lunch break and rest/practice time

16.00 Sessions with Jerry and Bruce Barth Trio (Masterclass, Q&A, Ensemble)

18.30 Jazz Aperitif at the Castello Bar

21.00 concert in the Castello Cellar Bar or other venue in Certaldo 

23.00 jam session in the Castello Jazz Cellar

April 11

The even is over but you may want to stay on and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


GMF Tuscany ‘20 Jazz Summit Jerry Bergonzi and the Bruce Barth TrioGMF Tuscany ‘20 Jazz Summit Jerry Bergonzi and the Bruce Barth Trio

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