GMF Tuscany International Workshop and Jazz Festival 2015
Certaldo, Italy, 04–12 August 2015

About this Summer School

This will be the 8th edition of this unique event. The spectacular setting, the team of outstanding performers and teachers and the varied schedule of activity all add up to an unforgettable experience for everyone who takes part.

An exceptional roster of British, Italian and American artists/teachers, including Rene Marie, Bruce Barth, Arnie Somogyi, Stephen Keogh, Alfred Kramer, Guillermo Rozenthuler and Garrison Fewell.


In 2015 we will be limiting the number of students to 55 in total. This is for reasons of maintaining good communication and a high quality experience for participants and tutors/performers.

We expect this course to sell out well in advance of the closing date for applications. For those who want a guaranteed place we would recommend sending your deposit as soon as possible, and if you want to avail of the Early Bird price you should send your deposit before September 15 2014.

Intensive study, equivalent to a whole term at a music conservatory - some 5 hours tuition per day, including supervised rehearsals, instrumental classes and one-to-one lessons.

A wealth of opportunities to sing and play: student concerts, nightly jam sessions and other spontaneous events

Free admission to over concerts given by members of the faculty and guest artists

A range of complementary disciplines to broaden your horizons: Jazz Choir, Pulse Training, Ear Training, Breathing and Body work all in an atmospheric small-town setting with friendly, convivial people.

The course provides first-class tuition and many opportunities to listen and perform. And, in keeping with GMF's philosophy, the course takes a broad view of music-making; the instrumental, vocal, rhythmic and physical disciplines together lead the participant towards new levels of understanding, concentration and awareness.



GMF Tuscany International Workshop and Jazz Festival 2015

Disclaimer: Global Music Foundation exists solely to promote understanding of music and the arts. Any personal views which may be expressed by individual tutors or students at GMF events do not necessarily represent those of the Global Music Foundation or its directors.