GMF Tuscany International Workshop and Jazz Festival 2015
Certaldo, Italy, 04–12 August 2015

You can secure a place on this course by sending a deposit using one of the following methods:

1. Cheque or bank draft made payable to Global Music Foundation

Please enclose a note stating which course you are reserving for. Post to 144 Main Street, Shadwell, Leeds, LS17 8JB. Note: UK residents please make your cheque out for the sterling equivalent. This helps us as the banks charges are very high.

2. Bank transfer

Please fill in the form below. We will then send you the information that you require to make a bank transfer.

Note on Bank Transfers:

Sometimes people mistakenly (or intentionally) pass on all the bank charges to us when making the transfer. This means that we lose part of the fee.  As we are a non profit organisation, and run these courses as cheaply as possible for the benefit of the students, it makes life difficult for us.

3. Paypal

Please fill in the form below and click submit. We will then send you instructions to pay online.

Note on Paypal payments:

The commission that Paypal charges us for each payment has risen to 3.4%. This represents a substantial chunk of the fee, and as explained above we are a non profit company. We keep the course prices as low as possible so that musicians have the best possible chance to attend our courses. It is therefore necessary for us to add this charge to the course fee for those who choose to pay using Paypal. 


GMF Tuscany International Workshop and Jazz Festival 2015

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