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Guinness Cork Jazz Festival
Cork, Ireland, 22–26 October 2009

Jazz Group Performance - Gilad Atzmon Real Jazz Quartet
Saturday 24 October, 3.00 pm
Cork School of Music
Union Quay, Cork

The band will give guidance and lead discussion on important elements of jazz group playing and the roles of the different instruments in a jazz ensemble.

Pulse workshop - Stephen Keogh
Sunday 25 October, 11.00 am
Guinness Festival Club
Gresham Metropole Hotel

Pulse lies at the heart of music, and developing one's own inner pulse is the goal of these sessions. The work fosters awareness - of the pulse, of silence, of the other members of the group. This workshop is hugely beneficial to musicians of every kind.

Choir and vocal workshop - Pete Churchill
Friday 23 October, 8.00 pm - Cork School of Music
Saturday 24 October, 11.00 am - Met Ballroom
Sunday 25 October, 1.00 pm - Met Ballroom

Dedicated to group singing led by one of Europe's leading choir masters Pete Churchill. Sessions will feature a different genre of choral music - some taught by ear and some from notation and the focus will be on the appropriate learning process for the music in question. For some this session will also serve as a master-class in vocal arranging.

Group singing is an important part of the day. Learning to blend as an ensemble raises important issues of time and feel not to mention aspects of intonation and diction. It is hoped that as well as serving to foster a feeling of community amongst the participants singers can also take what they learn from this session and apply it to their individual song performances.

Guinness Cork Jazz Festival


Guinness Cork Jazz Festival


Guinness Cork Jazz Festival


1 Pete Churchill leads vocal workshop 2 Pulse training class with Stephen Keogh 3 Gilad Atzmon, Frank Harrison and Stephen Keogh lead ensemble workshop

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