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Archived concerts

Jeremy Pelt/Global Arts Chamber Orchestra + Tina May/Guillermo Rozenthuler with London Filmharmonic

Kings Place Hall One, London
19:30, 18 April 2014

90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
020 7520 1490
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Online Price: £34.50 / £27.50 / £21.50 / Savers £9.50

Jeremy Pelt, Trumpet
Bruce Barth, Piano
Duncan Hopkins, Bass
Stephen Keogh, Drums
David O'Rourke, Conductor, Global Arts Ensemble Chamber Orchestra
Tina May, Vocals
Guillermo Rozenthuler, Vocals
Barry Green, Piano
Alex Davis, Bass
Francesco Petreni, Drums
Raphael Hurwitz, Conductor, London Filmharmonic

Jeremy Pelt with Global Arts Chamber Orchestra plays 'Close to my Heart'
This is a rare concert which features the music on Jeremy Pelt's best selling 2003 album Close to my Heart; a selection of beautiful songs, some with string accompaniment, that show what has been described by journalists as 'the most beautiful trumpet tone exercised today' (All About Jazz).

He revisits this repertoire in this performance with Global Arts Ensemble, a chamber orchestra made up of the cream of London string players, playing the original sumptuous string arrangements written by David O'Rourke who will conduct the chamber orchestra.

Pelt is a player who, when pushing the boundaries, does so from a place of maturity. As with his recent innovative work his approach is rooted in a deep knowledge and respect for the history of the music and its players. In this collection of pieces he avoids using the same material as the legendary Clifford Brown and shows great wisdom in his choice of songs.

Musica Paradiso: Songs from the Silver Screen
Celebrating some of the most seductive, alluring and captivating music of the 20th century; the music and the movie stars that carried us away to a place where dreams came true right before our eyes! In a pastiche of songs, themes and scenes that moved us all, we remember the great stars from the golden age of Hollywood.

Jeremy Pelt/Global Arts Chamber Orchestra + Tina May/Guillermo Rozenthuler with London Filmharmonic