GMF Seminars

The vast combined experience of the GMF directors, teachers and panel members informs the opinion that to let music "take place", and essentially to form the skills needed to communicate efficiently in this ever-changing world, a certain openness, combined with the ability to listen is needed.

The structure of the workshops has its emphasis on group interaction, as well as on one-to-one learning.

Brief description of typical GMF Seminar

Mornings are set aside for instrumental classes where the students get expert tuition both privately and in a group setting.

In the afternoons several combos (or ensembles) are formed from the student body. During these sessions tutors are on hand to coach the groups in composing, arranging and playing through various pieces of music giving advice and guidance where neededand to help with any difficulties encountered.

Most evenings concert performances by both tutors and students are organized which gives everyone an opportunity to socialize and interact in a less formal environment.

GMF Seminars